Welcome to our site! This site is intended for people who are lonely, grieving or just want human connection. When you make a request through the contact page, we will locate a volunteer who will arrange a time to chat with you.

It is also intended to raise awareness of the issue with caring people who might volunteer to help by engaging in telephone conversations with individuals suffering without needed resources including someone to talk to.

Here are some sobering facts.

People who are lonely or depressed:

  • have a significantly higher risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease
  • have a greater likelihood of developing poor nutrition habits
  • tend to have more health issues in general
  • respond therapeutically to positive interaction with others
  • want to interact with others but may not know how
  • don’t expect you to “cheer them up,” they just want interaction
  • may have off-putting behaviors that make interaction difficult
  • are possibly up to 7% or more of the population worldwide

How our service works:

This is a FREE service provided by trained volunteers who agree to participate in at lease one phone call per week to listen to callers’ concerns or just to chat. We do not give advice or attempt to solve problems. We simply provide a warm, friendly voice–someone to talk to.

No need to be lonely.